Please, Stop Posting and Talking


I bet you're the father!
Did someone intrude upon your re-sharing of George Takei or Pioneerville requests with their actual life? You just described the entirety of facebook.

You know you can hide updates, right?

If you don't give a shit about what someone is doing, don't friend them or hide their updates.
Offending party's name > settings > report/block > hide updates.

The only problem I see with blocking all these updates and posts from people you couldn't give multiple shits about is that you will no longer have anything to complain/talk about. But then again you sound pretty young/inexperienced so you probably have all manner of really important things to say, if only you weren't so burdened with other people's crappy posts you are so compelled to complain about and comment on. He's your chance to really shine, kiddo. Now get out there and rock that social network!
Delete your facebook. I had the same complaints and that's what I did. No regrets. Then you don't have to rant about it here.
I'll break it down for you: You are bitter that you have no prospects for marriage or to have kids in the near future. She is trying to do the sociable thing to keep a connection to you, and you're being rude to her.
Social media. I do not think it means what you think it means.
What a whiner. Figure out how to block people and/or their posts if you don't want to see them. It's not that difficult.
I guess I'm stupid, because I find it hard to do anything on facebook. Let alone do advanced controls like blocking people.
If you didn't care, WHY did you "friend" this person in the first place???
^its really funny how many of your posts are just silly ass questions. And even funnier, how you keep asking YET no one EVER responds.

And how YOU lie about never have heard of the band gossip.....

You are a true chump. To your face, anytime.

Oh, and for your pathetic whiny ass, here's your answer for all future questions...... Stop being a dumb ass bitch, maybe, just maybe, someone will reach out. Reach out and tell you.

You. Are. An. Idiot.
DamosAs question seems rhetorical to me. But maybe I don't take question marks as seriously as ^
just get off the internet entirely before you ruin this place too.