Leggings Rule, Jeans Drool


Well, why don't you try 2 or 3 different pants and then if your feeling good why don't you mixed it up with your leggings? What can go wrong? Ripped jeans with U.S army warmers are a must. Any size.
Craigslist. For sale. Jeans.

Try other craigslist city's if we don't have them.

Your welcome.
How could you possibly have trouble finding JEANS that fit??? Could you be MORE White?
(I would prefer not to flaunt a muffintop thank you very much) I'm in love!! hahahahahaha
"do it with a pair of pants that fit me in your hands."
(put a bird on it!)...... ,,l,, hahahha
Maybe try on some mens 34x34 Levi's. Skinny or straight leg, no relaxed fit.
Christ, I hate leggings.....
I worked 10 hours at the bar today, and on average i made two tables read this at least every hour! YOU NAILED THIS I, A! Since on the Portland Mercury, this is the best I, A that I've read. I even posted on my facebook to take a bow, because i hope that i know you. I hope you're already one of my 482 friends. I laughed out loud 4 times in 15 seconds, while reading this. I love you! haha
Lose some weight, fatty. I hope you at least have the decency to wear a tunic or a long sweater to cover your enormous ass. Leggings are not pants ladies. Oh, neither are pajama "pants".
Muffintops are kind of hot actually.
Are you high, Stephonknee? Just genuinely curious.
Just and aside, you do know that the majority of the people that shop at forever 21 are nowhere near 21 years old? Also, I hear Bruce Jenner does their blog
Was i high just because i thought something was stupid funny? I dont remember if i was or not, I'ma get high and try and remember for you. It was funny, is what it was! I work at a bar, i made killer money yesterday, and my customers laughed. You dont come up with that idea when your stoned. ha
Hey hey. Damosa. I'll give you 500 bucks to say hi to me.........

Oh wait, you can't.......
Why do people care what other people wear (or that other people care what THEY wear)? Is this Jr. High?
Damosa, stop making every single thing about race. It's not cool to be racist no matter what race you are. Get over yourself