Hurry Up and Wait


aggro bullshit
Is this the drunk driving guy that the other dude called 9-1-1 on?
I hate that set of intersections. What mentally deficient city planner decided to shift north-south traffic from 33rd to 39th across a set of confusing intersections without cohesive light timing?
Wait, are you talking about Cesar Chavez St?
The Hollywood area has been a dysfunctional mess since I-84 was constructed. The last straw in this area was taking away the left turn from Sandy to the westbound I-84 onramp. Let's make sure we shove ALL the cars through 39th (C.C. Blvd!) and Sandy.

I will continue to sneak my ass up in the left hand lane on CC to turn left on Sandy and get on I-84. Suck it, Anon.