Move Your Goddamn Bed!


Move your own bed, nosy neighbor.
This seems like an incredibly ineffective way to have your neighbor move their bed. Unless you printed it out and handed it to them, in which case - well done!
Why not have a little fun instead of getting angry about something you can't change?

Why not make moaning sounds on the off-beats of theirs to the tune of 'America, the Beautiful'? Why not record their sounds and then play them back on speakers facing the wall the next time they go at it? Why not pretend to be "fight-fucking" at the same time they are, even if you're alone, complete with donkey-punch sound effects and verbal insults? Why not download some monkey/jungle sounds and play them loudly on a loop? Etc., etc.

You're sitting on a gold mine and you don't even realize it...
With such thin walls, this message shouldn't be difficult to convey. Maybe talk out loud when you type? That should take care of it.
Hm "fight fucking"... That sounds fun.