Park This


this IA gives us a unique definition of "tourist". And a glimpse into the past-baked mind of a 30+ lifer on Hawthorne.

Oh wait, i have heard this exact same vapid bullshit on the bus a few times.
Have you just not left the city in those 30 years or what?

I live in SE tooand ride the bus daily but I still own a car because sometimes it just makes life easier. There are times when you want to be able to carry more than an armload of stuff. Sometimes you just want to go somewhere farther than 30 blocks away and it not take a goddamn hour. Sometimes you want to leave the city, like I did this weekend, and it's a lot easier than walking to the coast.

Hopefully you at least chip in for gas when you want to leave the city.
In honor of IAnon, I'm going to hop in my car and drive to the coast. Because I can. Or maybe not. Because I can. And I don't have to go to a rental agency or pay out the ass for a zipcar. And I still ride my bike to work every workday, and I won't feel a smug sense of self satisfaction. I'll just ride my bike and be happy, while IAnon steams at those cagers.
Tri-met's broken and keeps cutting its bus service. Bicycling is nice except for when it's raining for six months straight. There's so much recreational gobbeldygook around Portland that you'd be a fool not to own a car simply to enjoy a bit of it.

Willingly car-free middle-class people are practically a myth. On the transit / commuter landscape, they're an extremely small minority of a minority.

We don't have anywhere near enough density to actually make people stop driving, and we likely never will (at least not in my lifetime). So why are we acting like people will actually voluntarily go "car free"? They won't, they'll just put up with an annoying parking situation for a few years before moving back home to state x or buying a home in the burbs. You, longtime resident, win the pain of living in a terminally fucked parking environment. I'm glad you're delusional enough to think you're okay with this. But you shouldn't be.
"People that think parking is a biological necessity are the type that I don't want as neighbors."

They're still going to be your neighbors. They're just going to park in front of your house instead of in parking provided by the landlord who profits off their rent check.
Babygorilla: I rented a subcompact for 6 days for $90 and did my own jaunt to the coast. For most people who live close-in, all you need is a bike and an occasional car rental. The people who weep and moan over their parking spaces in close-in areas I find rather difficult to sympathize with.
Garages are for hoarding!
With what Tri-Met is charging, it is cheaper to drive.