Stupid Pedestrians are Stupid


Not saying you're wrong, but I'd like to point out that for every annoying pedestrian there seems to be two annoying cyclists, so I am beginning to understand some motorists/pedestrians lack of sympathy for cyclists. Shame that it has to be that way though because some people make some seriously poor decisions that put others at serious risk.
DID YOU KNOW that in Oregon the bike lane is technically a crosswalk? Train tracks, rifle ranges, storm sewers, industrial wood chippers? CROSSWALKS. I have a right to be here and I am asserting my intent to cross! Pedestrian crossing! I have unfurled my safety flag (which is actually an ash-gray American Apparel hoodie) and will immediately begin my strident march into your path of travel. I relish the moment you slam on the brakes and spill your coffee and apologize profusely to me as I respond with a volley of slogans and profanities! IT'S GONNA BE GREAT.
Back in the day, you could sit in your super car at a red light on Market at Broadway, punch it on the green, and make all the lights to the freeway ramp going a hundred.
Some jackass almost hit me with his car today when he was turning right and I had the light. THEN he honked at me. If you know a jackass that lives on 46th, just north of Stark, please ask him not to drive. It's dangerous.

Oh yeah and dumb people use all modes of transportation.
Funny to see this today. I nearly posted an I,A myself on a similar topic after my experience biking up Broadway to PSU this morning. First, some asshole rocking some earbuds and a woman who looked like his mom jaywalked from Pioneer Square directly into my path, apparently not even seeing me until I nearly mowed him down as I went through the green light. Is it that if someone doesn't hear a motor, they don't even bother looking?

Then, when I got up around the campus, I came across two groups of 15-20 students who casually jaywalked into my path, the bike lane, at both Montgomery and Harrison. The jaywalking is not what bothers me most, it's the outright oblivion of these morons, college students no less, who I see jaywalking in front of cars, bikes, and buses every day around PSU. Mommy and Daddy seem to have never taught them to look both ways, or even one in these instances, before crossing. Many seem to not even know what the signal indicates or even if there is a signal. It's only a matter of time before someone gets run over.

And, like you, I also frequently encounter people just standing in that bike lane on Broadway waiting to cross, again totally oblivious to the fact they're standing in a right of way. I almost always tell them as I ride by that they're standing in a bike lane, but they just look at me totally dumbfounded or with some look of indignation. Super annoying.