Dear bike jocks . . .


"Stressed out asshole," indeed.
In fact, "Lollygagging Past the Junkies" may well have been the title of God's original business plan.
Please explain to me the safe way to get from Naito Parkway southbound to South Waterfront on a bike, without cycling on Waterfront Park. Then I'll happily stop cycling along the waterfront.
Oh the tragedy of bike on bike hate....
Seriously, it is safer to weave around pedestrians, Canadians, junkies and fat bikers (looking at you, IA) then it is to ride in a bike lane on Naito.

Also, do you enjoy stopping at a red light every two blocks? Yeah...neither do I.
So clearly it is pointless to put in any more bike lanes in this town, since our hard-core cyclists are ninnies who won't use them. When they do use a bike lane they must valiantly "take the lane" every other block because they spot a menacing bottle cap in the bike lane.
^^basically, yes. You are very wise sir.
they were mentally cursing you?

Portland Passive Aggressive proves itself to be cutting edge once again.
Hank, perhaps 3rd or 5th is more to your liking if you don't like Naito, then. But the waterfront should be reserved for folks taking it easy some. If you hit a pedestrian or another cyclist because you're riding like your pants are on fire, it's YOUR fault.

I generally hate riding on the waterfront for that reason--too many folks and I like to ride faster. But when I do ride there I'm aware of my surroundings. I take it easy. I enjoy the view. And I'm usually riding with friends and chatting.
And maccoinnich, from Naito take a left on SW Harrison, which turns right to become SW Moody. That takes you right to the south waterfront from SW Naito! Took a whole 5 seconds of google mapping to find it, too.
Whoa, I got 8 dislikes for that comment. I actually don't cycle that fast, but do dislike the idea that anybody who isn't going 3mph belongs on a road that's closer to an expressway than a city street.

I'm capable of using Google Maps. I've even tried that route myself, but there are some big problems with it. The bike lane disappears way before Harrison, forcing cyclists to share a narrow lane with pretty high speed drivers. Then there's no easy way to turn left onto Harrison; it either requires merging across 3 busy lanes, or trying to turn to use the pedestrian crossing.