The Vagina Rant


Ugh-you have got to be kidding. Believe me when I say it's not them, it's you. Be someone worth fucking and then perhaps someone will want to fuck you.
Vagina rant? Vant?
Is this a continuation on the "6 Reasons Why Matt Forney Can't Ever Get Laid in Portland" rant? It's not the ladies, Matt, it's your freakishly-giant bald head and negative sex appeal that's the issue here.

no one wants to fuck this guy and it's THEIR fault.
I would have to agree with the other comments. It ain't them son
Wow, no wonder you can't get laid.
You serious? I've had so much pussy thrown my way since moving here. If you can't get laid in Portland then go have a long hard look in the mirror and keep it real with yourself cause you're the problem here, promise you that.
Yeah, this person needs to shut the fuck up.
Once you lose interest or fall into a porn routine after 20 years of marriage, she will become a sex kitten that can't get enough. Thanks menopause.
LOL, most of the "improvements" women have accomplished are actually along the lines of winning the rights to NOT be an on-demand sex dispenser. It's not our problem that you're sexually frustrated -- take care of that yourself!
Maybe if you quit talking to guys all the time and talk to some women you might actually get to know one and be invited at some point to have sexual intercourse with her. Otherwise, just BEAT IT, BEAT IT, BEAT IT. DUH-DUH-DUN-DUN-DUN. BEAT IT, BEAT IT, BEAT IT, DUH-DUH-DUH-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN.
i reread this one; my money says this guy has never gone down on a woman, and if he did, it was really bad and probably for less than five minutes. probably their fault, as well.
I find it SHOCKING that you are single.