In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb


It's nice that he finished masturbating in the bushes before telling you that. Some dudes would just keep goin'
You Portland women are the worst! A stranger in a city park compliments you and you didn't fuck him right there on the spot? Word to Mad Max, I'm moving to Syracuse!
hey bro you really need to lay off the acid.
Gentle park reader, between the clouds and the grass, why didn't you sucked the lump on the throat of the fellow parkgoer, hanging out to the max?
"I'm heading over to the saliva exchange!" "OK, can you pick up some milk on the way back?"
This I,A sounds like an amateur writing of someone who has clearly never written or read Sci-Fi trying to place sentences together without coming across like Deepak Chopra.
...'teenaged lovers took to exchanging their saliva’s within an uncomfortable distance'. Like one of them was standing next to you and the other guy was ten feet away and they were hocking loogies back and forth into each others mouth? I bet they were also sharing an i-pod full of dubstep. eh, kids.
fac·tious [fak-shuhs]
1. given to faction; dissentious: A factious group was trying to undermine the government.
2. pertaining to or proceeding from faction: factious quarrels.

So your idea of a nice day in the park is trying to destroy society as we know it. Kudos.
What. The. Fuck is this.
goddamnit. there were so many points in this where i should have stopped reading and i didn't.