I. Have. Cancer.


Whoa... something worth reading in I,Anon... Is it time for the Apocalypse already?
For real. In my very limited experience with prolonged bedrest, I found that the madness caused by a combination of pain meds and isolation was FAR more difficult than the actual pain/illness (not that I had cancer). Since that experience I've had this growing horror that someday I will have another illness or surgery with a longer/more difficult recovery time and completely lose my fucking shit.

I'm sorry that you're going through this. If it weren't for this particular forum, I'd offer you my company, such as it is.
Have you tried to reach out to your friends on Facebook? I'm sorry for your illness, but relationships are a two way street. if you have tried to reach out, maybe you are reaching out to the wrong people. Good friends stick by, in sickness and health.
I think you mean "friends," anonymous. Don't worry, they'll stop by once before the end (if it comes to that, which it hopefully won't) just to gawk.

This is super true, unfortunately. My brother went from healthy to hospital cancer death in six months, and it was amazing and disheartening to see who his real friends were. God fucking bless the ones that do come to your bed, even when you stink with bedsores or can't speak or you're puking your guts out because chemo is killing you faster than the cancer.

I can't add anything to what IA said, because it's pretty much 10/10 A+ spot on. Your sick friend is still your friend, you still can just hang out and shoot the shit without getting all weird or morbid (unless your sick friend chooses to go there, in which case, go with them).

Cancer is hell. I hope you get better, IA.
Looks like I'm going to be the bearer of bad news, BUT the claim of the friends you (say you) keep, or don't in this case, says more about you then it does about the friends who left you to heal all by your lonesome. I'm generally considered an other-than-compassionate individual by most who know me, but jesus christ, even I take the time to check in on my cancer suffering friends and significant acquaintances... yes there have been several. Alas, I have no wisdom or comfort for you other than to buck up and heal up and find better friends? or become a better friend so you aren't abandoned the next time you truly need support.
I don't go to funerals and I don't visit dying friends in the hospital. I know it is selfish but I don't want those to be the last memories I have of those people, especially if they are very close to me. I'd rather remember them alive, healthy and happy.

But that's just me and maybe that's totally fucked up.
Three of my close family members (along with other extended family) have been through cancer. However our relationship may have been at the time we all spent time with that family member during that time. If they are your friends, they will be there. I wish you the best luck and a recovery. I appreciate the fact you think of others in your situation. Keep fighting