Consider This. Please?


They probably got tired of your annoying personality.

Women seem to forget this over and over: If a guy ignores you for days, sometimes weeks, sometimes forever and consistently doesn't respond to you, THE GUY ISN'T INTO YOU AND IS TRYING TO HINT AT THAT.

Women always bitch and moan that guys don't pick up on their hints and clues, but women seem to think a guy ignoring her means she should try even harder to "win" him. Why do you even want to pester someone who has been ignoring you? Is this an attribute you look for in the opposite sex?

Instead of posting cringe-worthy letters like this, maintain some sense of dignity and find a guy that will respond to your long, rambling, creepy e-date emails in a timely fashion.
An attractive, smart, funny jerk is still a jerk. Let it go.
Yeah, women are definitely too dumb to understand what guys mean when they ignore them. I mean, GOD, those crazy bitches, expecting you to have a set of balls and actually talk to the human being you went on a date with? Direct, honest communication? Blech. Having compassion for someone else? How annoying and awful. Bros definitely don't have time for that. No way.
It's fucking online dating "Never responding to a person? Ignoring them for days, sometimes weeks, sometimes forever?" If you respond to people that you're not interested in, then you're leading them on! Buy a dog, and go to a dog park if you want to make "just" friends. (And how would you know if they were making fun of you to their friends?) You tricked me into saying cool, and i didn't want to!
@j.cas I don't believe the I,A identified their gender.

To the I,A: It's a nice thought, but really it's a case-by-case basis. There ARE crazies on there, and there are people that will message you with things like "How was your weekend?" as an opener, people that you obviously have nothing in common with and people that you'll meet, have no chemistry with and have no desire to ever hear from again.

Personally, it became a better experience when I learned to take a step back and treat it as an accessory to my social life. If you send a message and don't get a response, nothing lost but a few minutes of your life. Even a bad date, or a date that doesn't get back to you, that's an hour or two of your life at worst. It's not like you've broken off an engagement. Don't get wrapped up in someone until you're actually "dating" and the pressure isn't nearly as bad.

On a side note - as a guy, I'm probably sending five messages for every response, give or take. Women, feel free to be the one to initiate contact or to follow-up. We get self-conscious too.
This is Portland, not Sedona!
"@j.cas I don't believe the I,A identified their gender."

Aestro: No straight man would type a letter this gay.
I read it in a man's voice in my head. But maybe that's because I'm a man.
I see where you went wrong here....

"The attractive, smart, funny one who hangs out on the internet."
I am never EVER going to use an internet dating site again. Shit sucks and that wussy ignoring passive shit is all too common on it, it's just not how I roll.
J.cas - I know plenty of straight men who might type something like this (but probably wouldn't post it here). The kind of straight man who is more concerned with meeting a compatible girl than defending his sexual orientation. That's the kind who would write this.

Gay= fine by me
Bi = fine by me
straight = also fine by me
so homophobic he can't stop telling me how straight he is = please, no, find someone else to talk to.