Too Many People Here


You know that thing where, even though you agree with someone's general idea, they present it in such an inarticulate, ridiculous way, that you seriously consider changing your principles just so you know you'll never have to agree with that moron? Yeah, that.
The US comes in at 111 for population growth. What are you talking about? I mean, I dislike being around other humans and their children, but it's not really much of an issue in this country.
It's also worth mentioning that high birth rates go hand in hand with lack of education, access to birth control, or in the case of the countries you've cited as examples, women's rights.
We can also learn from Japan (or from our own dying Social Security system) that too few children leads to a lot of old people with no one to care for them or pay for them once they've stopped working.

There are a lot of us (me) now that are too self-important to think about actually devoting our precious little time or money to someone else, and someone has to pick up the slack.
Just sayin'
Yeah, now I remember what marijuana + crosstops was like.
Go fuck yourself.... just sayin.
Population control is the biggest environmental problem no one wants to talk about; and meanwhile all the smug yuppie couples gentrifying Portland continue to bring 2, 3 or more new children into the world.
I feel so sorry for your daughter.
Agree with the first 3 comments especially the first. The amount of people can be sustained if we mostly did not all live in crowded regions and most governments gave a flying fuck about the well being of humanity. I agree with another poster, I pity your child, that is a fucked thing to put in kids head
It's funny how you take the time to complain about a problem that you yourself have contributed to. Well done!If you are so concerned about the population problem, there's always euthanization.
Re: overpopulation. The wrong people get the message. Haven't you seen Idiocracy? The good, first fifteen minutes anyhow? While the educated, responsible people delay, the trash breeds like rabbits. I mean telling liberals not to have kids while the Duggars produce a whole tea party contingent is practically irresponsible.
My wife and I have no kids, and I cannot understand you having the audacity to have one child!!
So that makes me obviously a much better person than you.

Idiot. There is still plenty room for for more kids.
Your parenting percentage comparisons are utter crap too.