Your Boobs, Your Choice


I read this as ### #### ## randy ### ##### dumb ####, and now I feel I know you.
Listen, sometimes when it's suddenly nice out you just put on an outfit that you happen to like, probably because of the fabric/pattern/color/whatever more than the fact that it involves a low neckline/short skirt. It is not until later, after leaving the safety of your own home that you remember that said outfit causes people to stare at you. You then become self-conscious because people are staring at you, and put a jacket on so as to return to a life of relative anonymity. Is that okay with you?

Anyway, what are you complaining about? You're mad that your gandering got cut short? That you got so worked up over some partially clothed boobs that you wish you hadn't seen them to begin with? I mean, it seemed like you were enjoying it. How long did you expect it to go on? What were you building up to? Seriously, I've gotta know.
"It's a dumb game. End it."

Come on, Anonymous, you know how heavily women in this society have their heads grilled on. Disempowerment ain't a river in Egypt, etc., etc.
Girls with tank tops and side boobs living happily and funfully, you rock.

Gander, did you mean GEEENDEEEERRRRR?
When stalking the boobs, use the cover of bushes, going down on your hands and knees where necessary. In long grass, go down on your stomach pulling yourself forward with your elbows. The most important thing is not to attract attention by sudden movements. Take your time, moving slowly when the boobs are not looking, and keeping still when the boobs are looking in your direction. Be careful not to disturb other boobs. Disturbed boobs will give their alarm signal, thereby alerting all boobs in the vicinity, including the boobs being tracked down.
$50 bucks says i can get her to flash me.

Interesting! So the boobs can only see you if you're moving. Kind of like the t-rex in Jurassic Park.
Kind of. Don't be so obvious if you're staring them down like a hungry baby. Boobs are quite aware.
Boobs should be screeeaaaming with awareness.
this has to be the same I,A that thinks women are obligated to fuck him. this guy's a pervert.
It summer! Here comes all the pasty boobs!