Go Back to Medford


You are super weird, and kind of a dick.
Snore. Hatred of white trash baby-having rural suburb-living people has been covered extensively here.

In the future we'll finally wise-up and engineer ourselves to be sterile by default. Only with (what will be a safe, simple, government subsidized) surgery will any of us be able to procreate, and only then once we've proven ourselves to be A.) not broke, B.) not a Juggalo, and C.) not a complete asshole.

And then pretty soon people like these will become extinct, thank fucking god: http://magicvalley.com/news/local/crime-an…
Man, just TRY getting sterilized as a female who hasn't already popped out 5 babies. I mean, if you're really poor and uneducated and get pregnant a lot due to your shit circumstances they'll do it (possibly without your consent), but if you're a responsible adult who's doing alright for themselves and just trying to avoid procreation, forget about it! THEY'll tell YOU when you're ready to not have babies.
Everyone should just move somewhere else, because I know what Portland is all about! I've been here four years! My name is practically Portland F. Portland III.

Portland is about everyone being super progressive and tolerant like me, so get the fuck out!
It's sad how all the wrong people have kids. Broke? Single? Mentally ill? Lazy? Being a parent is definitely a good idea then!
Thank GOD, she has us to financially support her through our state taxes.
(I better get a dollar tree xmas card this year)
My libertarian friends may ask why out-of-wedlock births would have anything to do with the destruction of capitalism. The answer is simple. The welfare state has fed off the social catastrophe that is fatherlessness. As the father is no longer necessary, and the new regime promises to support all those in need, the society is transformed and the spirit of the age is no longer capitalist. It is statist. And now, instead of millions of fathers taking care of wives and children, we have the government taking care of them. This is true at least in principle, and in the last analysis it may be said that all women have one true and steady husband. That husband is the state.

We could become the primary facial state. That would be a decent start...
I kinda resent the "out of wedlock births" statement, but its trumped by "that husband is the state" cause that's the goddamned truth nowadays.

Maybe we can call it "lazy bitch births" or "He's not my baby daddy Maury? births" "Out of wedlock" seems a bit harsh.
Young, single, and destitute chicks seem to treat getting pregnant as some sort of godsend. It's better than a puppy, you have an excuse to eat everything in the house for 9 months, you get to play dress up with it, plus the government is going to pay you to raise it. Not to mention you get to plaster years and years worth of pictures of your child on Facebook as you live vicariously through it in a vain attempt to overcome some gaping deficiency in your life.

Methford sounds like an awesome town to start cranking out government babies. I say go for it.
Gawd, it is so obvious none of you actually have children. And I'm sure that's a good thing.
Most of us are smart enough to wait until we are financially and mentally ready to have children, if we want them at all, that is. Having a child because your birth control failed is never a good way to start a family.
High-fiving pregnant women is so last year. (Plus, well, I wasn't quite right for most of last year.)
lol Todd. Ha.

We can high five the mommies and or daddies who co parent, and who are not on welfare (with two precious babies) right? Birth control isn't 100% child proof. When its not, high five for already having your shit together, to include the unsuspected. I cant predict the future, but in the present, my unwed babies are HAPPY!
It's 2013, 5 years after the crash with scarcely a recovery. If you're still a Libertarian now you clearly don't have two brain cells to rub together. You should stop wasting oxygen and just kill yourselves.

PS: Clinton signed welfare reform more than a decade ago. Do we have to actually execute poor people for you to be satisfied we're not "fostering dependency?"
What Blabby said. Really fucking sick of that bullshit