You Knocked Me Up, Fucker!


Better to wait to spawn until you meet a guy who will at least stick around until your nectar's dry on his balls.
Why did you not use birth control and a condom? Oh right, condoms don't feel right and birth control costs too much?

Fucking dumb people around here.
The morning after pill should be available OTC in all grocery and drug stores. They should be in women's bathrooms like tampons are. As for anon, you sound like you're 50% of the drama yourself. Let this be a learning lesson
Punk Receptionist: Would you like a free condom? They're boysenberry.

Juno MacGuff: No, thanks. I'm off sex right now.

Punk Receptionist: My boyfriend wears them every time we have intercourse, it makes his junk smell like pie.
I think the comments in this thread just invented what I will coin "Preggo Shaming"
J.Cass - morning after pills actually ARE available OTC at drug stores. They just cost $40. Preemptive is better.
Yeah (I was told $80, tho the girl who told me was probably trying to siphon an extra $40 out of me, typical female) but I meant more like they should come in epic packs. Remember when you'd buy Warhead sour candies at the bulk bin candy stores in the mall and they came in those long strips of 20? Get a strip of about 100, sell em for the same price as 100 ibuprofen. Morning after pill is useless if you make it difficult and expensive to acquire.

As for the commenter above you who said we were "preggo shaming", yeah - how awful, right? Just what we need, yet more mistake children with no father. "Take care of your kids before they rob me in 5 years" - Chris Rock
The word "preggo" alone makes me feel shame for the human race.
Hubby is worse^
Huh, seems like we shame people for making stupid decisions all of the time. That actually seems to be perfectly fine to me.
Ladies, stop whining and complaining about all these assholes destroying your life, and quit dating them. Just don't do it... don't talk about it, don't make excuses for it, just don't fucking do it. Be the bigger person, exercise some will power, and place a modicum of value on yourselves. Because right now, today, in this city, if you're a douchebag who just wants to fuck women around and run from one disastrous relationship to the other leaving a trail of Plan-B and SSRI contaminated tears, you know damn well there's an endless stream of willing participants of the female variety. Why even think about changing? Ha, you gotta be kidding me... now let me wipe off my dick.

No, you deserve way better, regardless of what your story is, and we can all do better.

I can't speak for all cities, but goddamn if Portland is a target rich environment for shit magnets. In fact, we could probably tow a few metal-heavy asteroids away from their regular orbital track if we could get all that magnetic power and somehow harness it in one direction. It's hard for guys, too, but we also seem like we can learn a few lessons, and aren't so willing to just repeat the same tired mistakes over and over and over again. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think I'm right.

Just fucking stop. Don't complain, don't talk about how hard it is to find decent men, start refusing to put up all the garbage and maybe, mysteriously, one day people trying to fuck you will start treating you better.
^^ hey lyle,

We'd "Lovett" if you'd keep it under a paragraph, you dick.
Oh, she sure is a credit to women everywhere...
i am so sorry that happened to you, you will find love and a good man one day! take care!!!!!!