All Head, No Heart


So that's a no on the 3-way then?

Anon should start reading Savage Love so she could know that her boyfriend's sexual desires aren't to be immediately criticized and dismissed just because they don't sit well with Anon. Next time use whatever communication skills you have instead of praying a vagina grows teeth and gobbles his dick. But hey, I'm just being reasonable.
Cute flirty girls must be his kryptonite.
And you're the kinda girl who's let him do it over and over all these years.

" One minute your making love to me and telling me how lucky you are, the next you’re grinding on a girl who looks like she’s in high school. Last week you’re surprising me at work, cuddling with me every night, and this week you suddenly feel like dating other people."

There's NO excuse for cheating and staying, so stop letting him.
i really really hope vagina's never ever grow teeth!!!!!
"You're." "You are" contracts to "you're." Save "your" for times when you intend to signal a personal possession of a person, place, or thing, such as: your hometown, your sweet nothings, your dick. Nothing takes the edge off YOUR enraged scorn like this obvious and ignorant mistake.