You Broke the Code


Weird... they don't usually break the unspoken pact. Do you by any chance live near a park? Col. Summers, perhaps? My theory:

nice weather=> hipsters/reggae trolls drink beer in the park => security and eventually cops are inevitable => your usual collectors go hang out in the park where there are always more cans being emptied and nobody else wants to be caught with them
This is actually a real problem. If my regulars stopped showing up, my neighbors would think horrible things about me.
You are pathetic alcoholics. A real boozer would just throw the damned empties in the trash where nobody can see it. Posers.
I may be a drunk, but I am NOT wasteful.
My household already produces more garbage than we can fit in our can. Anyway, there is a delicate grocery store/alcoholic/can scavenger economy which I'd be afraid to upset. You know not the consequences of what you ask!!
This post and comments is portland gold. Oh so true. My scavenger is such a slacker too.