Fuck White Portland


This sounds like a lost scene from that old Eddie Murphy skit...

You are spot on! We don't give a fuck
I really hope you don't think white privilege extends to mailing bombs.
20 bucks the writer of this is white. 25 bucks this never happened.
"honkey dorrie" i get it
Sounds like he has the same sense of... "humor" that my father-in-law has and the other clerk was familiar with him and his sense of "humor." Best to just serve the jackass and get him out the door.
He said "i'm mailing a bambi", you misheard.
"...if anybody gives a fuck."

Zero fucks to give.
I would like to give 1 1/2 fucks, because I've read this, and now commented.. but that's all the fucks I'm giving you, I'm not sleeping with you!
Wow, this is the stupidest I,A I think I've ever read, and here I was hoping for some good ole honkey bashing!
Why didn't you call the cops yourself? Why is everyone in Portland some kind of passive victim with no inclination or ability to stand up for themselves. You only have yourself to blame here.
First of all, +1 to CptToughguy.

Instead of calling the cops yourself, or taking any other action to correct what you seem to believe was a legitimately dangerous situation, you handled this by writing an anonymous complaint on the Internet. You may as well have done exactly nothing. Which means that you contributed to the problem exactly as much as the clerk, who also did nothing. Well done.

Regardless of who has what skin color, if you believe that someone is about to send a mail bomb, and you don't act to prevent it, then you are a coward. On the other hand, if you don't actually believe that someone is about to send a mail bomb, you don't get to call people racists when reach the same conclusion.
They let you in the post office?
You misheard him, he was actually mailing back a copy of "La Bamba". Now you're guilty of being insensitive against Latino culture and Lou Diamond Phillips fans.
One time I was driving over there by where that happened and a similiar thing occured. We were stopped at a light and the light never turned green so I just went through it. It occured to me that if a person had just came on the scene and not been privvy to what I had been through they would think I was breaking the law. In fact we all live in a stop and go society with little hope of exiting. We may try the wilds of alaska where there are no post offices but even there they may not escape society because even nature has society. Take bears for example. Into the Wild tells us that we can live with bears but not understand them. Is that the kind of escape we desire? To be misunderstood by an 8 thousand pound mammal? There was a gecko attack recently too. A monitor gecko bit an asian woman as she hung her laundry. There were no witnesses but the animal was later killed for food. So you see we have communication to blame for our problems but it is communication that is the problem.
Thank goodness we know the races of everyone involved! The story would've been impossible to follow without such useful information.
people taking the time to point out everything white people do is getting a bit boring, and furthering the already-shitty divide between races is getting a bit disheartening.
WHY IS THAT POST OFFICE SO DAMN BUSY?! They have one person at the counter for a line out the door. Its faster downtown, for crying out loud!
Shed the white guilt, my friend, you'll feel better and get along with everything and everybody a little easier. Breath.