I Applaud the Effort, But...


Right, print this one but not the booby shirt one I wrote a few weeks back.
maybe your letter sucked? type it in the comments here and let the good readers decide.
No, it ruled. I'll give it a make-over and try it again on a later date. Thanks for the sweet suggestion though my dear friend. Xo.
well if you re-do your wack letter then we can't judge if it should've been denied in the first place
Oh look, casual racism. Why are wedge heels "Latina"? Also, mind your own fucking business. Women can wear what they want and shouldn't be subject to your idiotic opinion.
Something about how guys with bubble butts should not wear emo pants. Or maybe a heartfelt plea that guys refrain from wearing emo pants entirely.
"Women can wear what they want and shouldn't be subject to your idiotic opinion."

Oh sweet irony. I've never seen such vicious ridicule as watching a group of women dissect and belittle another woman for the way she dresses, calling her slutty, saying she dresses like a 2 dollar hooker. I hear this kind of catty gossip almost daily on the street car. But diss wedge heels and suddenly it's racist. Classic.
The poster racialized an inanimate object, so yeah that's kind of racist you fucktard. We live in a culture that constantly demeans women's body image and self esteem, holding them to impossible standards (the virgen vs. the whore) and no it's not any different when other women do it, but it is just as fucked up. Stop trying to derail the point. Take your mansplaining and shove it up your tiny urethra.
Might want to rethink your username if you insist on spouting this much batshit.
I'm sorry, but you lost me at "fucktard". Zero points for originality, and zero points for sounding like an adult.
Basically asserting that Latina = bad fashion choices is pretty fucking racist, yes. And you guys know I'm typically annoyed by onlysane, so it's definitely not about girls sticking together. I'm just sick of the boys' club up in here patting themselves on the back because they agree with each other that other people's problems don't exist.

To those of you y-chromosome positive types in here who have a bit of imagination and compassion, thanks for at least trying. The rest of you can suck my giant throbbing cock.
Ain't racist if it's true.
This sounds like that jerk from the Midwest.
j.cas continuing his theme of being the biggest cock ranger in the commenters section.
It's common for people who lack any real sense of humor to use shock value as a crutch. The trouble with J.Cas is that it's not at all shocking. Turning every thread into a racist or sexist "joke" is like depending on "...your MOM" as your go-to retort.