Is This a Good Idea for a Pedalpalooza Ride?


Worst. Idea. Ever.

Please sell your computer immediately.
Nah, better make it 40 oz's of Olde English or boxed wine instead, cheaper per ounce that way. Lmfao...!
Are you actual homeless people? Because that's who typically fans out across neighborhoods collecting cans and bottles.

They need it a shitload more than you.
You could call it "Homeless? Or Hipster?"
I like the cut of your jib.
You can do this *every* morning, if you're motivated enough.
A. You're probably way too lazy to get to the cans before the usual collectors.

B. Cans don't add up quite as fast as you seem to be expecting.

C. Didn't they make Joose illegal? I drank one of those once..... lay on the floor moaning "joooooooose" for an hour, then puked bright orange. Now what I want to know is, who would dye a drink bright orange when it comes in a black can and isn't the sort of drink that ANYONE would pour into a glass? I never would have realized what color it was if a single can of it hadn't make me puke.
Who owns trailers for old children?
You think there are any cans left by in the morning?
@ the spokesman for the Brotherhood of the Burnside Bridge Poopy-pants:

Is this a good idea for a Pedalpalooza ride? Not really, but it's a great reason for state-sanctioned sterilization (and maybe euthanasia) for anyone caught with poopy-pants under the Burnside bridge on trash night.

Yeah, maybe the euthanasia jab is a little harsh, but if you're drinking stuff like Steel Reserve, then you have plenty of a death wish already -- might as well quit playing footsie with death and go the full nine; cut the foreplay and do it right: INJECT that Steel Reserve like a man instead of sipping on it like a sissy-la-la. I'm sure it's quite a rush.

And if you do that often enough, then soon there'll be a few more bottles left in the neighborhood for those that actually buy food with what they collect.
fuck it, I'll go...