Peanut Eater


Not everyone likes to get ripped off at the concession stand. What, you can't even eat your mutherfuckin snacks anymore without angering someone? I noticed that you didn't say they were loudly talking or recording the film with their iPhone, just eating. You could have just moved down a couple seats, but no. You grabbed an employee and proceeded to make a scene DURING THE MOVIE. No wonder people stay home.
Making a ton of noise and playing with your phone during a movie is not okay...Teach these morons how to act in public. Good job!
Good job, IAnon. You didn't make a scene in the theater and did the proper thing and had a manager deal with a total asshole.

I'm sure the employees who cleaned the theater were grateful that they didn't have to deal with a whole bag full of peanut shells on the floor.
This is why I pirate movies for free and watch them in the cozy confines of my apartment.

Going to the theater is so old fashioned. Nothing like sitting in some uncomfortable seat amongst crowds of loud teens/20-somethings, unable to pause and take a piss, unable to do anything but focus on how miserable the experience is.

But hey, if you're uncreative and relatively broke I guess it's the only place you can take your date.
Seemed like you did what you needed to do to resolve the matter. Why in the fuck are you still dragging this petty shit along?
Check out Zen master gloworm. If no one dragged shit along, there'd be no I, Anon.
Gloworm: Because the lout clearly hadn't learned his/her lesson, and was still bitching and being Part of the Problem as I,A left. And the lout's numbers are legion.

It's not your ("your" being the lout, likely not you) living room. Learn how to act in public.
Back when I was a professional and competitive fighter, I'd go to the movies.
Now, I flex whats left of my muscles, take and post photos of them, and then troll personal ads.

Life is good. Except the results of the personal ads.....):