"Predator" Watch?


Try to ignore them. Carry pepper spray just in case. Always know where your phone is and where you are in case you need to call 911 (or fake doing so). It's a fucked-up world.
Please please PLEASE loudly exclaim "Stop hitting on me, creep!" to every single one of these shitheads. They deserve every ounce of public scorn they would receive.
If you pepper spray someone for simply asking "where are you going" you're gonna have a bad time in the eyes of the law. Yeah, it's annoying - but don't get carried away. Now if the guy actually gets out of his car then that's a different story.
They actually ask you if you want to hang out?? Sick fucks.

Yeah, definitely carry pepper spray. And definitely remember kick or grab balls as hard as you can if anyone ever touches you. But, even more important: be careful reading this paper - they print naughty words here, like 'fuckwad' and 'VanderHart'.
In most other countries, nice girls are always accompanied by a male relative. Political correctness is not an ideology that most foreigners care about. If a female is by herself, she is considered to be of lose morals, and therefore, fair game. Furthermore, the age of consent is lower than sixteen in most third World countries. In fact, consent is not required. In Iran, you would have been married off, two or more years ago.
Stop wearing makeup, low cut blouses and tight pants that display your butt crack. Start wearing baggy cloths with flat high top footwear, and strap down your boobs with a tight halter. Dark glasses are good so as not to make eye contact, while being aware of your surroundings. Learn Kung-fu.
I've found the phrase "suck my dick" stops creepers dead in their tracks. They have to stop to wonder how serious you are, how annoyed they are they you beat them to the punch, if they really just hit on a dude.... God, I wish I'd figured that one out when I was 16.
Yes, Ward, because obviously it's HER fault for enticing them by wearing the "wrong" clothes and being too "sexy." Not because fucked up, gross men are fucked up and gross.
There is no law against free speech; even the freedom to complain about others who have expressed their own Right of free speech. Hookers dress that way, because they aren't allowed to use free speech to get customers. If the hot little tart want's to express her freedom of expression to dress like a hooker, then she shouldn't be suprised at the takers.
Ward is one of the people you should tell to piss off, anon. Obviously. And to him, you're "asking for it." CREEPO!
Obvious troll is obvious.
And stupid do-gooder is stupid. And the world turns.
Maybe she's just one of those St Mary's girls in the white dress blouse and plaid skirts?

Audrey's Dance

Cherry or Knot?
Besides, what's wrong with younger babes digging geezers?
Simple remedy: wear headphones. Even if you hear them talking over your headphones; ignore, or like Aestro said, tell them in a very loud and/or stern voice to stop hitting on you.
Sometimes I wear headphones to ward off spangers downtown.
Ward Hubert is st.johnrulz. Whatta twat.
"I'm going to get my herpes medication" might be that special deterrent you're looking for. That, or read the above I,A and take a few pointers from anon's antagonist. A healthy dose of menstrual blood into the conversation should abolish their need to talk to sixteen year old girls all together.
Don't say anything to them. Do not make eye contact. Pretend you didn't hear them, then walk in the opposite direction. You can get a stun gun that will de-activate if it gets yanked of the wrist strap so it can't be used on you while you are being raped. Look into concealed carry permits. Portland has a high rate of rape and I wouldn't mess around with yelling things like "suck my dick" to a potential rapist. That's turn-on talk for some people with bad intentions.
Most hookers are on 82nd and wear sweat pants and missing teeth. I wouldn't compare them to a typical Portland teenage girl.
Are those toothless hookers in sweat pants on 82nd the sex trade abductees we hear so much about, or how do they appear in public?
"You can get a stun gun that will de-activate if it gets yanked of the wrist strap so it can't be used on you while you are being raped."

SHOULD a rape occur. Assuming every creepy dude wants to rape a young girl is going to fuel more of the hysteric fire than what's necessary or helpful.