Hey, Asshole Dad with the Asshole kid on Hawthorne


Kid was distracted by those hot American Apparel mannequins, no doubt. Aren't we all?
Hey! Let the child be! He's simply adjusting to plane three of his montessori development
Hawthorne, gets all the fun! Its kinda hard not to hear the Elton John "Circle of life" song in my head when reading this. Anon, next time i would just put a bird on it. Throw up the middle single finger! Dads a dick. Express your feelings!
Do the mannequins look like they're on GHB too, or is that just the models?
And as he crashed into an American Apparel it occurred to me, he'd grown up just like me.

My boy was just like me...

And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon,
little boy blue and the man on the moon...
Tell the truth: the kid mess up that awesome/ironic selfie you were trying to take in front of the American Apparel mannequins, right?

Poor baby.
"Be a man, you pussy"
And this, here, is your response to this horrible slight?
Man up, indeed!
That's why I don't shop at Whole Foods.
people are always riding their bikes on that sidewalk there. either ride on the street or on an adjacent street if you're too chicken of a bunch of cars.

next time you might consider holding your arms out so the kid can clothesline himself if he chooses to
Asshole Dad was my favorite show on the UPN Network.