Asshole couple @ Kruger's on Lombard


I don't doubt these people were a bit asshole-y, but unless you know them personally (I'll stand corrected if you do), you're acting like a selfish child in your assumption that they said the produce was awful only because they saw YOU shop there. Ever think that maybe people like this are just assholes for reasons which do not concern you and/or your loyal patronage? Saying they need to stay away from the produce market YOU shop at and the coffee cart YOU support is pretty ridiculous because you're insinuating that your peace of mind alone is the only important reason they shouldn't return. Yes, anon, you're important. You're special. Everyone should keep YOU in mind the next time they decide to go somewhere and be unimpressed with their experience, because I'm sure they would feel horrible knowing their douche-y actions helped contribute to one more Portlander being offended and going online to rant anonymously about them.
This letter reeks of being over exaggerated like a motherfucker.
I don't think this is the entire story.
So it's "The Lombard" now? Isn't that just the cutest?