You forgot the story: Douchebag writes yet another boring letter to I anonymous.
Or people who live in Vancouver could actually work in Vancouver.
"Just too damn inflammatory. Too controversial! These people will lose their minds when I drop this truth bomb! Better go anonymous with it, or people will be trying to kill me, or make me mayor!" - thought process of trite douchesack who wrote this in this particular forum
Anonymous, that's not how traffic works. Cars take up space and take time to accelerate and decelerate. I'll let you figure out what must happen when there are too many on the road, if you can.
Yes, proper driving will keep the almost 100 year old southbound lanes from falling in the river in the event of an earthquake, so keep your hands on the fucking steering wheel!
Wanna save? $3+ billion don't want to. Pay tolls, learn to drive. At freeway speed- merge: think ahead, about!

Where the fuck you are, exit is?!? Like, this'll actually happen.

There, I fixed it.