Your Call Yourself "Happy Toes"!


lol Gresham
My guess is that the author of this IA is upset that they live in a city, not a rural area-- and that as it turns out, it's a little inconsiderate to keep chickens, rabbits, ducks, goats, stoats, potbellied pigs, miniature horses, "medicinal" marijuana plants, opium poppys, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and motherfucking durian fruit in a front yard.

No, really, you are indeed the center of the universe. Keep fighting the good fight. If the neighbors disagree, accuse them of being "un-portland" and tell them to move to Gresham with the rest of the non-weirds.
Nothing about this post indicates the city.

Everything about this post indicates Gresham.

Defending Gresham is the first step in admitting you live Gresham.