Stupid Government Alert


Hey genius, you're not supposed to put your cans in the street. They go on the curb, or in your driveway.

"Why wasn't street sweeping completed in front of my house?

There are many reasons why the sweeper may not have been able to remove debris from your street. Most often, it's because items such as cars, bicycles, toys, basketball hoops, and refuse containers are blocking the roadway."…

typical dumbass homeowner who thinks he knows everything.
If you live on one of the new streets with the green street water run off systems sometimes there is nowhere for you to put your trash can except in the street. Some new developments are on tiny subdivided lots where neighbors share a Y-shaped driveway and you can't really put your garbage there either. Nobody ever sweeps my fucking street anyway though so what do I care?
95% of the containers in my hood are on the street on trash day. Is there some ordinance against this?

Regardless, it seems like a waste of city resources to send sweepers out on garbage day. Unless the city has adopted its residents' passive aggressiveness and its a silent fuck you to taxpayers.
"Place your container within three feet of the curb or roadway. Don't block sidewalks or driveways. Within 24 hours of collection, remove emptied containers from the curb."…

Doesn't say anything about placing containers on the street side as opposed to the yard side of the curb.