So I'm walking to my park & ride bus and the end of the work day and on the way, I pass by you. I'm white, you're black, and you're dressed up in one of those hip hop outfits — long shorts that have no form and somehow remind me of a skirt, plus a matching athletic top AND matching hat to go with it. You sneer at me, look away and raise your hand and do some kind of gang signing (though there's no one around to see it). You start hawking like you're going to spit. I look at you in the eye because I think you're going to spit at me, and you stop.

Now, I don't have a problem with you disliking me, especially if it's a black/white thing. I think it's perfectly logical for black people to hate white people (I would if I were black). And being in a gang (if you are in a gang)? Different people have different ways of surviving — mine's probably been easier than yours, so even that doesn’t bother me.

What I don't understand is that you are obviously well into your 40s if not 50s, and you're still wearing that stupid outfit. For goodness sakes, your mustache is GRAY. Can't you wear pants? Can't you dress like an adult?