Can You Please Put Down Instagram


Oh for fuck's sake, what is this? An episode of fucking Gossip Girl?
If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck... it's probably another poorly written pointless rant on Cry Anonymous.
Stop beating a dead horse dick.
The guy who wrote this is a Coldplay fan. Bet.
"it's been hilarious"

unlike this post
Isn't Rule 35 an addendum to the internet rule 34, stating that if there is no porn of it, it will be made?
Just tell the person. This doesn't need to be an anonymous post on the internet. The person will know it is you. You know it is her. Therefore nothing about it is anonymous.
@Blabby, if i were to guess why this is a anon rant, i would guess its to anonymously point out to everyone that duck face photos are stupid as fuck, and to quit doing them. Rule 35 being brought up is perfectly timed with Hump 2013 coming soon, i will give this post that.
Stephonknee Wells Kunz Im trying to "get" your name but it just aint funny yet.
Help a brother out. What, did you borrow that pic off some Reed feminazi coffee klatcher? Dont tease me bro.
No, i totally get it I'mrightyourwrong. You probably haven't seen a women on her knees, in a really long time, so I'm positive the spelling of my name went right over your head.

I'm not here to make you laugh.