Douche Rope


Bet you thought this was real clever when you wrote it.
Well we certainly know who is filling the total asshole niche.
You should probably stay at home. Forever.
Dude, what about scrubs? Why do they wear them all over the place, on the max, in the shitty 7-11, all over city streets? Aren't they supposed to be sterile? WTF is up with all these nurses and such wearing these damn scrubs everywhere?
It's not the culinary kids that stink, it's your adult diaper.
I miss my chain wallet, my mullet, and my keychain bullet.
You have to have a chain wallet however if you plan on going to a Social Distortion concert...
I'd like to know more things this I A does not like.

Dont be haters people.
Thanks for the recap of petty shit people have bitched about other people wearing in the last year. Nice to have it all consolidated in one place.

Oh wait, you left out shirtless dudes and women who show cleavage, but only until they realize it's being gawked at, at which point they selfishly cover it up. Those were both great.
I took your advice. I removed all the chains and ropes that were bogging me down in my nasty life, forever tying me to my phony pussyass douchery. I wanted to experience the freedom supercool people with supercool vernacular experience by never attaching any of their possessions to their bodies. I didn't want to be a smelly ass fuckface any longer.

The next day I got pickpocketed when I took a quick shortcut through the alley to catch public transport. My bus pass, my ID, and all my money were gone. I had to walk eight miles to get to work and lost my sweaty culinary job because I was two hours late. The next day I went to the bank to try to get some money out of my account to pay my rent only to discover meth heads had spent it all on video poker. Now I am forced to sleep in some bushes and hold a cardboard sign at the freeway off ramp. I tie that motherfucker to my wrist with a double knotted shoe lace.
JRR Trollkein our hats are off to you sir. (Still attached to us by douche lanyards however for the hats to rest at jaunty angles upon our douche torsos).