Street Blockers


Bearded guy on a bike with an unattractive, foul mouthed girlfriend? You're gonna have to be WAY more specific.
Probably not on a bike. No one said bicycle. One might assume they were crossing to a white Volvo wagon.
Cow on the tracks.
If it helps, just think of them as dogshit on the sidewalk. Sure, it's soft, but do you really want to kick it out of the way?
You put your hand up first? Don't be too surprised when another hand comes up (or at least a finger).
Why can't we all just hurry more faster?

There is all kinds of important shit at my job that has to get done yesterday or my world will fall apart. Fuck!
People in cars.. god forbid they have to wait 8-10 seconds for anything.
You may be hip and intellectually capable, but you also sound like a typical pretentious full of yourself sack of shit driver.
If I knew someone would take the time to make a list like this every time they got flipped-off I'd be all middle fingers all the time.
Every single summer I,A turns into the angry driver blog.
28 deaths from cars in ths city so far this year, by the way. When you're sitting on a leather couch in an air conditioned steel bubble with a stereo system and you're flipping me off for slowing you down, legally, then just think about how obscene of an abuse of privledge that is.
Oh god, not another 'priviledge' remark...
Why don't you just throw in 'sustainability' somehow while you're at it.
People will like you!
Classism and climate change: They just talk about that stuff for attention!
I have never heard anyone in this town use the words "throw down" in at least a decade. Just an observation, along with the observation that you may have over analytical and just slightly over reacted to this "incident" which is not worth 3 seconds thought
Also, you sound like a pretentious dick
^ Never in at least a decade, eh? That's ten whole years of never! Surely you jest!