Bike Blunder


Here's hoping you've smoked at least as much meth as bike lady has before you attempt to "beat her ass"
It was a warm afternoon and I think IA became hot and bothered in the bright sunshine as valley girl with the ridiculous amount of style doubled back to feign a sexy collision with husband (who was probably eating it up).
Thats going in my police report if im the cop.
Whatever this was, you lost.

Bike-on-the-sidewalk girl didn't run home and mash out some petty anonymous complaint/threat on her computer. She is probably having a great time right now having never even given you a second thought. I bet you have complained about this woman to everyone you know.

haha don't pay attention to these assholes. This was awesome and so are you for writing this hahahaha
Oh no, not a bicyclist on the sidewalk!!!!!!!
My gawd is like a totally awesome gawd, BTW.
If I,A is just for insults, we ought to get Don Rickles to write it from now on.

Example: "Hey you! You're probably on meth! You probably stole your bike and you don't seem to know the laws and rules around here! You hockeypuck!"

Ha! Great stuff!
Yeah, the I's are anonymously quite disappointing lately. I thought I, Anonymous was supposed to be a confessional of sorts for all the closeted freaks to put their deviant behavior on front street.
Actually, it isn't against the law to ride your bike on the sidewalk. Check out 814.410 (page 33)…

sorry that lady ruined your day!