Don't Take Your Dogs To Town


And if you are going to tie it to the bike rack while you go inside for a beer and a shot as I did try to be careful and not accidentally tie it to a BIKE as I did. Ouch.
Mind ya bidnizz.
If you dress him up in a little outfit and put a funny hat and some glasses on him you might be able to sneak him inside. Just say he's your cousin from Latvia and he suffers from a rare personality disorder.
I could swear I saw this I, A before. Oh yeah, Portlandia.
Why don't you just mind your own goddamn business and not be such an asshole? Fuck you, people can do whatever they want with their dogs.
i wish people would leave their children at home, where it's safe and comfortable. i can't stand all the yipping and whining, it ruins my day.
I get where you're coming from I guess, but unless you're hanging around to see how long the dog is left there, you can't really say that it's any worse for the dog than being left at home. I know people with dogs that freak out and destroy things or escape when left alone, and while I hope to [insert deity or whatever] that I never have a dog like that, I can see how it would be better for those dogs to spend 5 minutes outside getting attention from busybodies who are concerned about animal cruelty while its owner gets a cup of coffee than it would for them to be left alone at home.

Sorry, that last sentence kind of got away from me...