If I am at New Seasons I am drunk and decided it was a good idea to buy "ingredients" and cook them myself instead of paying someone fifty cents more to cook them for me. I am drunk because I am depressed about growing up horribly abused and being drunk is pretty much the only way I can talk to other human beings (including my closest friends). I am not joking about that.

Why do I have to get caught in a Q&A about what I plan on doing with my food? It's my nightmare. I am socially awkward, drunk, and childhood trauma makes my every conversation a pathological attempt at being accepted.

For the record, I know the mistake I made & spent a long time wondering why I said "same texture" instead of "same timing" without correcting myself.

Since Portland is the stupid place that it is, I ran into you at a bar while avoiding the entire area of town in which I assume you work and live and overheard you talking to your friends about what an idiot I am in a way that made it seem like you wanted me to hear. Months later. Thanks for that.