In Wistful Lamentation Of This Cultural Moment


East Portland is plenty funny-- but there's already a TV show about it. It's called COPS.
I didn't know Hello, Larry was still on the air
Portlandia is a symptom of Portland losing its authenticity, it is not the cause. It exists because we were so ripe for parody.
This submission is as smug and dull as that one show about this town.
After ten years of life in inner SE and the circle jerk it has become, I now rest comfortably in my affordable mid century estate just East of 205. I can still vote, recycle, make art, ect... If i'm ever craving a $5 ice cream cone or obscura people watching, i can coast 10 minutes from my 2 car garage straight into the bloody mess it has all become. The dream of Portland is alive from a safe distance just east of the 205.
Is Vancouvria still around?
This submission is about up to snuff with a television show I would expect Fred Armisen to be in. (it's bad in other words)
Lucky for you? Bro, you work for the tv show Portlandia. Enjoy your 16th minute of fame.
Some people have been mocked? How on earth could a comedy sketch show be allowed to mock people?
Pretty sure the cheaper rent than Seattle or San Francisco, titty bars, weed, beer, sandwiches, burned out burners, gang violence, and crystal meth have a lot more to do with Ptown's current popularity than your insipid TV show.
Oh yeah, and bikes.
Why must everyone always blame the potheads? I have 2 jerbs, pay taxes, and don't do the same stupid shit drunks and tweekers do.

I just get high and want to play video games when I'm not working, or noodle around on an instrument. Quit hating on the weed smokers. Grrr! Backlash comments!
^^Who was blaming Pot smokers, just curious?
Two comments above. It sounded quite negative, and in the past I've seen many comments bitching about those darned potheads!

I think the folks in this city needs to address the fact that this is a town of functional-ish alcoholics. People drink to such excess in Portland it's disturbing.
I love weed. She's a cruel mistress though.

I was trying to say there's something for everybody here even if what you're into isn't for everybody. People don't have to get caught up in the hype. Only idiots get their opinions from TV shows.
Ah. Point taken. And I agree.
The Portland Mercury Ianonymous Comments Section is trendy and popular, hip.

See how fagtastic that sounds?
I enjoy weed most when it's occasional (nevermind the fact I smoke daily). After a few weeks of being stoned from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed you basically become yourself again, although slower and a bit more aloof.
There are a shit ton of cool places to live in this country. People who bitch about high cost of housing want 'ready made' neighborhoods for cheap. Pay attention, be willing to stick it out and before you know it the neighborhood the turns around. If you cannot figure this out on your own or are unwilling to pay your dues until things improve, then you will just have to learn to be ok with paying more.
j. cas - That is why you need to leave your house sometimes. Maybe get a not-from-home job. You only need to spend 6 hours a day, 3 days a week not being stoned to get the full appreciation of getting high every day. It also keeps you from becoming a total recluse.
Jcas is a douche.
First of all, you're giving Cameron Crowe, too much credit. It was Clive Davis who named the CD after himself, re-wrote recording contracts which the dinosaurs refused to sign, then shoved cheaply produced grunge down the gullets of a tasteless audience. Singles only bowed to that trend. Secondly, Jonathan Krisel is a Californian.
The real damage is that by making light of all those fairly accurate characteristics, it detracts from serious criticism, gives it all a pass and only encourages bad behavior.
Also, this one seems to have been written as parody anyway, and almost certainly isn't someone that has anything to do with the show. But whatever.
belltrolls: I have my own company and just hired 2 more employees. Quitting this to get a 'not from home' job sounds like a bad business plan ;)
I hope when they revise this show in forty years, they do a better job than Hawaii 5-0.
At least when Seattle had its moment in the early 90's it wasnt glazed in a thick shell of irony and pc white guilt. Portland is gonna have a hard time living down this embarrassing image.
Rich Bachelor - that was my initial reaction, and then I remembered that those guys are fucking DESPERATE for attention and weirdly obsessed with all things Portland.

That's not to say that this is real, just that I don't think their standards are quite as high as you claim.
also, has anyone pointed out that Sleater-Kinney were from fucking Olympia Washington! Not Portland! Carrie Bradshaw didn't sell out shit
^I point that out frequently, just not here. I also attribute the unfunniness of the show to the fact that neither one of them is actually from here. They don't get the things that are genuinely funny about Portland.

On a side note, what is up with people from Washington claiming they're from Portland? I don't care how close Vancouver is, if it's in a different state it's not Portland.
I enjoyed all 5 of the entertaining minutes of that show. The opening credit sequence is quite lovely.
After the long overdue 9.2 hits and PSU which sits atop the West Hills Fault results as acres of demolished rubble, there will be a disaster movie made about Portland.
Portlandia should do a bit about all the Portlanders who seldom if ever make it outside their select, trendy little close-in enclaves, envisioning and stereotyping everything and everyone east of 205/82nd/pick your arbitrary demarcation line as criminal, ghetto, SCARY! (translation: BLACK and/or POOR.)

I've lived all over this town in the 15 or so cumulative years since I relocated here from Austin (from inner NE/Alberta area back when it was still the 'hood to the heart of oh-so-hippy/trendy SE to the pretentious Pearl to (currently) the dreaded outer NE.

It's pretty nice "out here". Reasonable rent on good housing; quiet; views of all 3 mountains within walking distance on a clear day; a mile from Gateway transit center and 30 min. from downtown on the train;
shopping (grocery, thrift, pharm., etc.) within walking distance; bike lanes on every major street; close to both 84 and 205; one exit from the airport; diverse and mostly great neighbors; lots of Doug Firs...y'all should check it out sometime.

Oh, and if you don't like the show, don't watch it. It's pretty uneven imo.