Who Watches the Watchmen?


Hey AI: Whenever I see one of those "slow down for kids" signs, I make sure to drive just a little bit faster. Especially if a Patagonia-clad yuppie parent is mean-mugging me from the porch of their restored craftsman home or Certified-Natural-Habitat yard-- as I drive totally-unreasonable 28mph in a 25mph zone.

Hey, I didn't force you to reproduce. If you want your kids to remain unflattened, keep them out of the street. Send them to a park to play. Or if you've just positively GOT TO see your kids playing in the street-- because doing so affirms your decision to relocate to a "safe" city like Portland-- move to the fucking suburbs already, where the streets are wide enough for your kids, your scorn, and the occasional high-speed chase.
Ugh, too many fancy word-noises.
"It is we, the citizens, that grant authority to law enforcement, and as such we must always remember that it is our responsibility to hold them accountable." - Ideal epilogue to "Law Abiding Citizen"
You know those loud noise makers attached to police cars? Those things you can hear from a long way off and mean "get the fuck out of my way?" Yeah...you probably should get the fuck out of the way.
And when that van flattens one of your kids, or worse yet passes slowly by while trying to convince one of them to come for a ride, you're just happy because the police weren't creating a dangerous situation right?
I watched the watchmen. I never read the comics because I quit reading comics when I was 15 but I watched the watchmen.

I hope this answers your question because I sincerely tried to read your dissertation on War and Peace but I blanked out when I saw "police cars".
only three cars? this person obviously never seen a pursuit in los angeles. it takes ALL the fucking police cars to pursue someone at high speeds.
@Bort, sure, they want to be on the news as well! Why should it only be the first 4 or 6 cars?
Uhh literally Copwatch.

But who watches Copwatch?

Seems like all Copwatch does is collect names to give to the police.
So your request is that there only be the vehicle fleeing and a single car in pursuit so that if a kid gets hit, it only gets hit by two vehicles rather than four? Kind of seems like splitting hairs unless you're seriously exaggerating about the speed of this chase.

This isn't even the first time I've found myself defending the cops on this blog. What in the hell is wrong with you people?
This is what all cops live for. Let them have some fun. If they don't get to do a chase scene once in awhile, they get all grouch and start beating people up with bill clubs and pepper macing them in the eyes. Well, of course they do all that, once they finally run the speeder off the road, but what the hell, just so long as no little kids actually got hurt.

If it's any consolation, soon, all those pigs will be replaced with armed drones.
^The 'Y' key is broken on your computer, isn't it?
A true story: two of my cousins were killed by a cop car speeding through an intersection in pursuit of someone, in Oklahoma, about 15 years ago. It was then, and may be now, not legally possible in Oklahoma to prosecute police for accidental deaths during pursuit of a suspect. "Too fucking bad" was the response of the government. I'm not sure what the law is here but too often police these days have the attitude that they are above and immune to the laws that they are supposed to enforce.
It's a serious concern. Catty responses are waste of time and speak of simple minds.
Guess they should have just let the perp get away and commit more crimes, possibly in your neighborhood/to your kids.

Shit, as I posted elsewhere today, I used to live in inner NE back before "gentrification"( on NE 15th near Killingsworth). The occasional high-speed pursuit (one involving a perp fleeing on foot through our backyard...where he first took out a trellis of very thorny heirloom roses, then tripped over the low garden fence and fell into the compost pile, THEN escaped by way of forcing his way through several feet of blackberry brambles...they caught him on the street behind us, and I would have given anything to have seen it...he was probably RELIEVED to be arrested, lol) was no biggie.

One less gang-banger/drive-by shooter/drug dealer on the streets where my kids lived.