Redemption Pod


Hipsters 1 and 2 were on Hipster 3's podcast and then Hipster 4 redeemed himself by being unfunny? Glad you got that off your chest!
This is my least favorite piece of...ah, forget it.
j.cas steps outside to find his trash can turned over. As he moves closer, a raccoon scurries out. j.cas mutters under his breath, "hipsters".

j.cas is stuck in traffic for 45 minutes. He finally passes a police car parked near a jack-knifed 18-wheeler. He rolls his eyes and groans "hipsters".

j.cas arrives at the post office to find a line backed all the way to the door. He throws up his arms. "HIPSTERS!"

j.cas exits an opera with his parents. A mugger approaches and demands his mother's jewels. His father resists and is gunned down immediately. His mother cries out, but the mugger tears the pearl necklace and fires another round. As j.cas's parents lay bleeding on the sidewalk, he drops to his knees and cries "HIPSTEEEEEERS!"
Ah yes, I Anonymous is now a desperate fallback for super lame twitter rejections.

Good to see Twitter has standards at least.
I hate when unfunny people are on a podcast that I've never heard of with a guy I had to Google to remember what he had done! Grrr!
Ahh, really? I've never cared less about an IA ever, honestly.
I care more about how some shop owner in Ames, Iowa on June 18, 1963 washed his windows at four in the afternoon (front or back? Up or down? Figure eight stylee?); I care more about what Bernardo Brito's OPS was for the first month of his season for the Portland Beavers in 1994; I care more about how much raw sewage the North Portland Waste facility processed in the hours between 6 and 9 am the day JFK was assassinated was; I care more about how many times Steve Martin trimmed his public hair per month in the calendar year proceeding his becoming a mega-comic; I care more about.... uggh... I'll have a MGD
^ I had completely forgotten about underachieving power hitter Bernardo Brito. Thanx for that.
MGD? Fuck that! Turn it loose with the Silver Bullet tonight!
great. wasted time reading drivel about people and things i don't fucking care about. and now i'm wasting time moaning about it.
...and then Janelle was like, "I can't decide what's uglier, your shoes or your skirt. What, did you, like, steal them from the Goodwill?" and I was all "You know what's ugly is your face you dumb bitch!" and then Tommy Peterson started laughing and Ms. Kornrankel got pissed and started yelling because she said we were totally disrupting the whole class but like who cares about history anyways? It's totally super old and nobody even had iphones or podcasts back then.