Dude, for all the times we joke about sleeping with each other's mothers, I can no longer joke about it since it really happened after Last Thursday. It was fun going out for drinks with you and your mom, then when you passed out she kissed me. I was going to leave but I couldn't help myself. When she kissed me I felt all the blood in my body go directly to my pecker, it pressed against her body, she moaned in my ear, and it was all over after that. To my defense, I was pretty drunk. I can't tell any of our friends, so I am telling the world on IA. Oh, that semen stained sock that made it under your futon..... its mine. I'm afraid to get it now. Everytime I come over to your house, I'll have to see if the cum-sock is still there. The worst thing about this is, I will really miss those Mom jokes, but I don't have the heart to tell one more.