My friends often wonder why I hate New Seasons so much. Usually I can only give a vague diatribe that doesn't make much sense. But today, I have experienced the most exemplary New Seasons situation.

A black man with the name Jihad is at a fundamental disadvantage in finding employment. Giving him the opportunity to work is commendable. Allowing him to wear Jihad on his name-tag is very commendable from a corporation. But the white lady standing over his shoulder and being that fake-nice condescending person is so goddamn typical of you. The net positive of doing the right thing probably is greater than the aggravating smugness (she actually said "He's doing great, numbers and talking a hard"), but it's that smugness that makes me cringe every time I'm too lazy to shop anywhere else (I'm at fault here, too).

No one should have to chose between their name and living a well-adjusted life. But you don't have to be so emphatically New Seasons about it.