Portland is a Racist, Ignorant Hell Hole


Guess we should add "glue sniffing" to that list.
And this is in reference to...?
I think it is in reference to jack shit. But I dunno: there's quotation marks, so...
Rednecks aren't a race.
Portland is racist!!!!

Said every white person to move here. Every time I hear someone bitch about the lack of diversity here, all I am really hearing is that you feel your urban living experience is sullied by a lack of poor black people to be afraid of. You could have moved to East St Louis but you didn't so shaddup.
I've read this 4 times now and the only conclusion i can arrive at is this I,Anonymous was ass-posted from an unlocked smart phone in the trousers of some dork trudging around the mall.
Portland is a location and various adjectives may or may not be used to enhance its description!
What the fuck is this incoherence?
Ohhhhhh shiiiiiit! You just got OWNED, subject of this I,A entry! Hope your head's not still spinning from THAT flipped script!
I've read several variations on the Portland is racist theme, obviously written by a white person with little knowledge of the outside world. This degraded version of the same posting shows the author's quick descent into incoherence and insanity.
Ya. Remind me again exactly what your complaint is about? "cut off shorts wearing beer guzzling hicks" pretty much describes any town in any country in the world (except those places where you get a body part off for drinking ETOH).
White kid from the midwest moves here and expects Portland to be a "big city"-- which it kinda is, considering the white kid's previous hometown was a pasty white liberal college town of about 1/3 our size. But alas, our Chinatown got deported to 82nd, and our Harlem got shuffled out to 160th. What got left behind was a bunch of neighborhoods advertised as "funky" but in reality are actualy very whitebread and boring.

So the white kid shows up, realizes how small Portland actually is, is dismayed that s/he's now paying a much higher rent than the brochure promised for a cultural experience not all that different from "back home" and guess what? The few minorities left in the neighborhood are resentful holdouts. The transplant, disappointed about the lack of big-city racial harmony, is mostly just uncomfortable with his/her role as gentrifier. Cue the blame, cue the finger-pointing.

"It's not my problem," they all say, "Portland was racist back in the day!" And so was pretty much everywhere else. Doesn't change the fact that your willingness to engage in a bidding war with other prospective homebuyers / renters in order to win personal convenience (namely access to bars and restaurants) makes them the most compelling example of how minorities are getting pushed out.
Oooohhhhhh why do you ever change world? Wwwhhyyyy?!!!?!?!?
Well, it IS.