Indie Rock A-holes


This is fake.
You sure that was mayonaise?
This could be titled: "The lamest night in Portland's uncoolest restaurant"
So you're a waiter, and your girlfriend was at the restaurant with this band, once famous on MTV, and they have spare mayo, and your manager was around to get felt up? And this is an expensive restaurant patronized by celebrities? I'm just trying to get the facts down.
Sometimes a cane is just a cane!
Your girlfriend might care how rich he is.
Don't be so modest or mousy, your shins will get quasi cribbed when you act like a dandy.
You should of went outside and cut their tires; if you knew which vehicle they were riding in that is. Much better revenge.
You should have challenged their leader to a duel for besmirching the honor of your fine establishment. Swordcanes at dawn, motherflower!
Guess I was not clear enough.

This I, Anonymous is Fake. I wrote it myself in 10 seconds (sort of explains the quality) to test the I, Anonymous intake pipe. We had no submissions in over a 48 hour period and I was troubleshooting the system.

Thanks for your patience,

A fake I,A?! Well I never!
Dear Blabby, this really is my I,A. I hope it offers you some consolation that I "liked" both of your comments?
Wait a minute- is this confession a real I, Anonymous buried inside a false I, Anonymous wrapped in a riddle and shoved up an enigma's ass like some sort of text based nesting doll?

Is the original poorly crafted, lousy, insipid, banal, pointless false-anonymous merely a red herring concealing secret instructions to an anonymous sleeper cell with a key cleverly secreted within the screen name of the anonymous poster who crafted it?

Are geo-physical coordinates buried in the confessional comment which also doubles as a signal to act upon the secret instructions? Are extrterrestrials involved? Should I be wearing my aluminium foil headgear?
i'mrightyourwrong is just bullshitting, I know the guy who wrote this *and* his girlfriend and they both swear it really happened. (And she thought my comment was funny...not so sure he did.)
I alerted the president.
Todd Mecklem: sadly, no.
How'd you find out my top-secret mayoral campaign slogan?