To The Breedist


I like how you resolve conflicts without resorting to name calling. One of the 7 habits of highly successful people, of which i'm sure you are.
My dog is perfect! He wouldn't harm a fly! You racist fly-hating clown!
I agree with IAnon that the alleged "breedist" is a dick for bringing his dog to a bar. However, IAnon appears to have some sort of affinity to a particular breed of dog that is the dick of dog breeds and I think that makes IAnon a dick by the transitive property.
How is the guy a racist and a bigot? I'm confused.
Wait... When did dogs learn to type?
What a GIGANTIC dick!

(see what I did there?)
Yep, Pit-Bulls are amongst the most sweetest of dogs, with the tempermant of a butterfly.
Wait. If that dude's dog was (tied up, i'm assuming) outside a bar and you walked up with your pit bull and a fight started, how is that not your fault? If you had control over your (very dangerous) dog, how then did the fight start?

Yeah, there are exceptions but, generally-speaking, pit bulls are extremely dangerous when it comes to other dogs. Anyone who owns one (and this goes for you German shepherd, Rottweiler, etc. -owners, too) needs to take extra care and extra responsibility in making sure that they have control of it AT ALL TIMES -- they are capable of shredding other dogs with the greatest of ease and often don't require much of a reason for doing so. Yes, other dog breeds can be just as guilty of taunting, growling, and itching for a fight, but they are like a cheap pocket knife compared to your loaded gun.

I was once at a stop light in a car and my dog started barking at what turned out to be a pit bull in another car. The numbnutted owner of the pit bull (who was sitting in the passenger seat with the dog in his lap) had his window open enough for the dog to jump right out. It weaved around a couple of cars and started trying to attack mine, almost getting a hold of my dog's snout through the crack in my window. MOTHERFUCKER.
Exactly who owned the pit bull in this story wanders a bit, you'll notice. At first it's the anonie. Then it's the guy drinking inside. Was this two pit bulls? Outside one of those bars I never attend for this very reason?
Was this about a racist dog?