Don't Make Flappy Hands!


When I read the title, I thought this was going to be about a masturbation technique.
I agree completely. When I'm on my bike, or being a pedestrian, I want cars to follow the traffic rules even if I have to wait. That is predictable behavior that we can all work with, even if I have to wait on my bike. Don't come to a stop in the middle of some street and confuse every one around to do me a favor.
Naw, this makes you sound whiny and rude, I,A.
Yay Portland! Keep it classy you fucking shit!
I was just contemplating writing a similar IA! My response is to turn my head and look away, breaking eye contact and waiting until they go and feel like an idiot. If I get "flappy hands" when I'm a walking in a crosswalk from some impatient driver, I devolve instantly into the most legit and unhurried saunter a motherfucker ever perpetrated.
I blame Randy Leonard. Because why not.
Twelve dislikes? Damn, I'm on a roll.
The flappy hands mock! As if the whole show has to stop for your retarded ass to get in line. Just because you ride your bicycle in heavy traffic doesnt make you a clown man! Not all who wander are lost. Rock on.
I was phone-talking to my mom last night. She says "hi"
Rock over Portland. Pontiac: we are driving excitement.
Don't give up the right of way. Blabby has it right with predictability needed in traffic.
Down Twinkles for Flappy Hands.
i am so tired of all you fucking bike riders that think your entitled to the road! the road is for cars asshole!!! your lucky you got out at all, race for the curb bitch!!!!!
Not to bum you out by pointing out facts, bro, but the roads were initially paved because bicycle lobbyists demanded it back before cars were even a thing. Cyclists also pay taxes, just like drivers.

I,A was just asking that you NOT stop and let him go ahead when he has a stop sign. Isn't that what you want? To never wait 5 seconds for anyone else because you are in a car? You might not be able to identify entitlement, but at least you were able to provide a nice demonstration of it...