Hey Shitbird, Yes I Noticed You are not Drinking


I tell ya life ain't easy for a shitbird named Soo.
If I have to waste 6 bucks every time that sociopath comes in here I am going to end in ruins!
You can't throw in a soda to the DD of the crew already paying for your overpriced, watered down drinks? Classy.
He let you off easy, Anon, I would've slammed four martinis and then stolen your front door.
I should've known better than to click a link on a site called Bro Bible

That woman sounds like the worst cunt to have ever been born. I never tip people in the service industry with that kind of attitude.
@j.cas: just to clarify, I don't "hang around" that site. I had never heard of it before 2 days ago. That exact article was posted to my Book of Faces wall by a much younger friend. I thought it was relevant here.
From that awful article: "Dude, I’m going to be 27"

WHOA THERE, hold on, we got some real wisdom comin' at us courtesy of an elder stateswoman of bartending
Eight cokes is a lot of fucking cokes.
Eight cokes is a lot of fucking cokes, no doubt (that dude's going to learn exactly what type II diabetes is in no time), but eight cokes doesn't cost the establishment shit.

That stuff is bought super-concentrated and then is diluted with carbonated water. If i remember correctly, one of those boxes of concentrate costs around $50 and produces something like 30 gallons of soda. In the end, a big glass of soda costs the joint something like 20 cents, AT THE MOST. There aren't many other products out there that provide such a huge profit margin.

If you fucks can't spare an occasional $1.60 to keep a DD from going insane while having to sit back and watch all his buddies get lit up, you're a bunch of assholes.

All the same, it sounds like the dude and his "crew" were assholes themselves...
Your place sounds like a dump. If I was the DD and you charged me for soft drinks, I'd make "my crew" pay for them out of your tips. That line about "who's paying for them" is pure bullshit. Even McDonalds gives free refills.
i wish i knew where you work so i can never go there. your an asshole!!!!
A bartender with a shit attitude in Portland?! I've never heard of such a thing!