Found Out!


You got busted! She doesn't care. As long as you make it about her too though. Why are you masturbating if you're married?
"I looked at some porno the other day."

Congratulations! Your testicles finally dropped?
Ad blocker and incognito mode, brodog.
"Why are you masturbating if you're married?"

Oh, dear dear Stephanie. (Shakes head slowly....)
As Stephanie pointed out, this is totally your wife's fault, so don't feel guilty.
lol You guys are crazy! I did not place blame on the wife, so let’s just put that out there really nicely.

What I mean is, his wife (all wives) know that their husbands masturbate to porn when they are not looking. If he is so worried though about her caring, well then maybe he should try masturbating with his wife, (making it about her, spicing shit up a little bit) to make her “give a fuck” go away. He obviously has guilt, and there are ways to make that guilt go away.

Or just fucking go to Porn hub on your iPhone, 5 free video’s daily, and she’ll never know.

lmao he hides his sex life from his wife.. (Shakes head slowly....)
Agreeing with Broseph. Everyone should have Adblock anyway. I finally installed it a few months ago and it's crazy how well it works. No more creepy American Apparel models staring all glassy-eyed at me.
You know, your wife was probably more excited that it wasn't ads popping up about how to get smaller labials from when she was watching porn without YOU.
Stephanie is right again! 2 for 2!
Jesus christ you have to be the stupidest motherfucker this side of the mississippi. Can't adblock? Can open a private browser window? You fucked up.
Adblock & ghostery you don't need much else.
I beat off so much my dick looks like a BMX bicycle grip.