I can't tell if your stupid or if you are evil....


lol Gresham
Again, a letter that would be much more effective if given directly to the person FOR WHOM IT WAS WRITTEN!!!!
I know who they are talking about. Unfortunately its not Gresham.... yet. Knowing the parties involved, both parties are educated spoiled brats. The person who is in prison owns a 400K house and a successful business. The details are too similar for this to be someone else, including the initial of the person's first name and the details of the crime.
I'm evil >:-)
Whoa wait I just bothered to read this. What the fuck. Yeah, please name names and publicly shame this waste of life.
Jesus, why don't you walk away from the idiot you are writing to? What is YOUR problem that you cannot move on with your own life and away from people who make fucked up choices in their lives. It means coming into adulthood with both feet. Kidnap the dog though, your friend is a complete piece of shit that deserves everything they get if thry tolerate that bullshit.
Pro Tip: If your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/life partner/significant other is into kiddie rape and torture porn -or just kiddie porn in general - it might be time to rethink your relationship with that person. Especially when the FBI comes knocking on your door.
YOUR STUPID bwahahahaha

Also, is "A" from the Czech Republic, by any chance?
More like the Jerk Republic, amirite?!?!?
You should:

a) make sure that everyone in that circle knows exactly where this dude is and why, and

b) get the fuck away from these people and stay away from them forever