I bow to you, master thief.


You sound like a tool. Not victim-shaming or anything...just making a general observation.
No doubt they were sick of you leaving it on the strobe setting
Hey I,A; I hope you know that you can buy bike lights that just slide right off; so when you go somewhere with your bike, you can take those precious lights with you. Oh, never mind. You're an idiot that buys $5k bikes. lawl Of course, you don't know about this.
There was a previous commentator who was involved in a bike thief circle. I have no remorse for those assholes. It's in the files.
@ ill Paxton:

I think a blinking light, especially in shitty weather, is more visible and conspicuous than a static one, thus a bit safer.

I won't argue about it being annoying, though.
"1 bow to you, master thief."

I have confused. One bow?

Is an award ribbon?

pls hlp
Sometimes you just need a couple AA batteries for your ironic Walkman
Nobody wants to be seen on a $5k bike. They would feel like a giant douche.