What were you even thinking?


So this is not about cow plasmas? Ok.
I fucking hate angry people.

Also, why don't we all just decide herpes isn't a big deal? I don't have it (like anyone cares) but I'd rather not worry about a nuisance infection.
^^ You so have herpes. It's clear as day.
Liked the comment, but I actually don't. I've gotten cold sores in the past, but nobody seems to give a shit about those.

Which brings me back to my point.
^^yeah, cold sores are herpes. You have herpes on your lips.
I used to donate plasma years ago. Before you can start donating, they give you a fairly thorough physical. And they test a drop of your blood every time you donate. They obviously wouldn't simply take people at their word when any spreadable-via-blood diseases/viruses might be in play (which this one apparently isn't, as Todd noted).

Incidentally, i remember that you weren't allowed to donate if you had recently gotten a tattoo, yet it was just fine if your system was soaked in THC.
I wonder if I can donate other peoples blood?

I've got a couple buckets sitting around here that I'm not quite sure what I want do with... it's pretty fresh...
The author of this I anonymous really needs to go to Planned Parenthood or the student health clinic up at PSU and request one of those little blue books titled "The Updated Herpes Handbook" before they go around casting stones about something they know jack shit about. It's assholes like you that end up spreading misinformation around.
The author of this I,A is a dumb cunt; who should NEVER breed. Fuck!