Suicide Bridge


Yeah, maybe the blame lies with the suicide committer. Have some dignity and keep this highly personal act in the confines of your own dwelling. Jumping from the Vista, much like the Aurora Bridge in Seattle, makes for a spectacle by way of a mangled corpse. It's just not nice.
Blaming the media. Original.
Or maybe put a little more thought into it if people want to make it into a spectacle. How about some fireworks, colored smoke bombs, and maybe an explosive vest filled with glitter and confetti? A sequined spandex outfit with a rhinestone studded cape, streamers, and a GoPro helmet could add a little professionalism. A portable boombox could be used to play some carefully chosen music to add to the ambiance. It wouldn't kill people to put a little effort into something at least once before they call it quits.
When Kevorkian shoots poison into your veins, it's "death with dignity". When you aim just right and manage to disrupt bus, MAX and some wealthy lawyer's lunch hour, how is that not also dignified? Show a little respect for the craft.
Art? Exploitation? News? Voyeurism?…