Shrieking Child


Someone needs a stiff drink tonight.

Or four or five bong hits.
Yeah, the kid, to shut it the fuck up.
How old are these kids? If they're over 6 or 7, then yeah it's about time the parents start bringing the hammer down. But kids are really fucking stupid and selfish and a lot of the time it's better to let a kid scream than get what they want. Not every screaming child is freely expressing themselves - some just decide to be assholes and there's not much the parents can do with it.

Boo fucking hoo your upscale housing is too loud. Well my neighborhood is too loud because they're building upscale housing for whiny fucks like you, so eat shit.
Whatever, the first few places I lived as a baby/child were apartments, and though my brother and I were pretty boisterous kids (and my brother has ADHD), we were trained to be fucking quiet around the apartment. My parents are hardly what I would call strict, but they managed to impart upon us the importance of being quiet when you live a foot away from all of your neighbors.

I would guess that a lot of parents fail at this because they just tell the kids to be quiet, rather than explaining that they need to be quiet because other people are real too and we don't want to make them unhappy, because that would make us selfish little brats.
Yeah, Louder Than Love, alright.
So many shitty parents in Portland.
They love to hang out at Rain(OR)Shine. Isn't that a fucking clever name? <--Sarcasm; you dense fucks.